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Electronic device application

CR foam is a general-purpose special rubber. In addition to the good physical properties of general rubber, it also has excellent properties such as flame resistance, oil resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, so it plays an important role in various synthetic rubbers.

Main features:

1, with excellent sealing, to avoid gas release and atomization.

2, excellent resistance to compression deformation, that is, the elasticity is durable, can ensure that the parts have long-term shock protection.

3, with flame retardant, no harmful toxic substances, no residue, no pollution, no corrosive to metal.

4, can be used in a variety of temperature range. It can be used from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees.

5, the surface has excellent wettability, easy to bond, easy to make, easy to die.

6. Engineered polyurethane formulations offer a wide range of moduli - 2-90 psi @ 25% deviation - to meet more design flexibility requirements.

Can be customized according to customer requirements, fit a variety of imported tape, good viscosity, products used in communications, computers, household appliances, calculators, electronic toys and various electronic controllers and other fields

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