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Basic characteristics of EVA foam

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Ethylene vinyl acetate, also known as EVA is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate producted under the high pressure of 2,500 atm.

E.V.A polymer also is a compound of Ethylene and VA in the space. the feature is decided according to molecular structure, VA content, and polymerism etc. And the bigger molecular
structure is, the more elevated the charactristic of Stress-cracking and shock absorption is. On the other hand, characteristics of polymer such as plasticity formation, luster etc. can
be reduced. By the way the smaller VA content is, more similar with PE it is, and also the content increases easily, So EVA can be easily mixed with another polymer that has different
density, rubber elasticity, and flexibility. As a result, things that contain 7~60% of VA content can be called EVA polymer, under 7 % PE, and those over 60% can not be called as plastics and excluded from EVA.

The characteristic of EVA

1. Softness and flexibility low-temperature toughness.

2. Light, transparent, strong Stress-crack resistance,and nontoxic.

3. If the VA content increases, flexbility also increases.on the other hand it is more adhesive according as the melting point decrease.

4. Low gravity, economic, high vibration obsorption.

5. It can be easily used with PE, PP, PVC Rubber.

6. Often used in improvement of impact resistance processing.

E.V.A foam processing products in daily life

Because of such kinds of various characteristics EVA the demands of EVA continuously increases in every life.

Nowadays both Seo Kwang EVA and Seo Kwang Vina EVA are producing various kinds of expansion EVA sheet products.And having a lot of sorts and functions it is widely used in everyday life. The most representative products in daily life we can easily discover is kinds of shoes and bags.

EVA Polymer made a great contribution to up grade and improvement of the function of shoes. Besides it is possible to produce various kinds of EVA sheet products as follows.

1. Protective instruments such as sports, leasure products

2. Office stationary and handles that need cushion

3. Miscellaneous[sundry] goods such as clothes, bags

4. MAT used in sports center or materials of floor cushion

5. Building materials such as soundproof, thermal insulation material.

6. Packaging absorbing shock supplies materials

7. Industrial, manufacturing complement

8. Embroidery materials

9. Facilities of car interior, absorbing shock supplies materials

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