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main performance of PU foam board

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Superior performance
1. The tensile strength is 265MPa, which is 2.5 times of the strength of ordinary aluminum plate. It is a good choice for home building materials;
2, corrosion resistance is 3 times that of ordinary aluminum plate, 2 times that of stainless steel;
3, reduce noise, shock absorption, can withstand large impact loads;
4, superior electromagnetic wave shielding performance makes the human brain not hurt;
5, reduce costs, reduce materials, extend the service life by 3 times.
PU foam board is a plastic made of polyurethane chemicals. In fact, pu foam board is a plastic board. The chemical substance is only polyurethane. To make polyurethane, two kinds of substances with at least two functions are required as reactants: contains isocyanate functional groups. a compound, and a compound containing an active hydrogen atom.
1. No connection, no screw holes, complete appearance of the building
2, can be bent into inner arc and outer arc
3, can choose different materials and colors
4, the overall structural waterproof, drainage function
5, can be used for roofing with a slope as small as 1.5°
6, excellent wind pressure resistance performance (with the bottom plate), especially suitable for typhoons, storms and more areas
7, can eliminate the pressure caused by heat and cold shrinkage
8, simple and fast machine coiling, convenient construction and economy
9. Easy to lay insulation and sound absorbing layer
10, no chemical caulking, eliminating pollution and aging problems
11, the roof does not need maintenance, can be produced at the construction site
The plate type has 420, 428, 330 and other upright seams, which are automatically engaged.
The raw materials are imported (African aluminum, American aluminum), domestically available can provide fluorocarbon and various color panels or specified by the customer, the thickness is between 0.6-1.2, the common thickness is 0.9 or 1.0.
The foam board in the picture is made of colored corrugated (1010 type) board with 2.0CM polyurethane PU foamed hard plastic board in the middle. At the bottom is an imported PVC pattern paper. It saves nearly half of the cost compared to the sandwich panel, the life expectancy is longer than the sandwich panel, and the firmness is better than the sandwich panel. Therefore, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan Province of China and Guangdong Province have been widely used, and are well received by users.

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